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Clean Air Lawn Care in Spring, TX is your organic and sustainable lawn care company. We service both residential and small commercial properties to keep lawns in the Spring community healthy and beautiful.

Organic Lawn Care Service The Woodlands

Powered by solar-panels on each truck, our equipment is quiet with zero emissions. Additionally, we use all organic fertilizers to feed your lawn and keep it healthy. Because our treatments are all organic and chemical-free, you can rest easy knowing your lawn is safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Organic Lawn CareWith a combination of our organic fertilizer programs and good mowing and watering practices, you will have a beautiful lawn year-round. Also, your lawn maintenance will decrease as your lawn gets healthier!

Clean Solar-Powered Mowing

Sustainable Lawn CareThe numbers around lawn care pollution are staggering! Did you know that gas-powered lawn care contributes 5-10% of air pollution annually?  Each year, by using electric, solar-powered equipment, we prevent over 23,000 lbs of lawn care pollution.

Professional Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Our lawn crew acts as stewards of the environment and treat each lawn as their own. With Clean Air Lawn Care, you will receive great customer service from true professionals.

Lawn care services Clean Air Lawn Care in Spring, TX provide include organic treatment programs, solar-powered mowing, lawn clean-ups, and many other customizable services.

Organic Lawn Care in The Spring, TX

Clean Air Lawn Care MooseClean Air Lawn Care is the leading full-service organic lawn care company with solar-powered mowing in Spring, Texas. When you choose to hire Clean Air Lawn Care, you are choosing professionals who are can’t wait to provide you with the healthiest lawn care available.

Clean Air Lawn Care The Woodlands Organic Lawn Treatment Services

Learn more about our Organic Lawn Care program or Solar-powered Mowing services.