Your Lawn Care Professionals in Houston

Joseph Treviño, Owner

Our lawn care professionals in Houston are highly experienced and passionate about the environment. A Houston native, Joseph has had an appreciation for nature and the outdoors from an early age.  After college, he spent over twelve years in the Joseph Trevino - Lawn Care Professionals in Houstonmilitary with a large portion of that time functioning as a Maintenance Test Pilot for the Apache attack helicopter.  During his down time, he enjoys reading and tinkering with anything old and mechanical; and of course like many Texans enjoys “healthy” portions of BBQ and Mexican food.

Joseph got into the lawn-care business after serving in the U.S. Army National Guard and working for oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Trained as a helicopter pilot, he most recently worked as an aircraft mechanic before he bought the franchise in the fall.

“I knew I wanted to do something outdoors, and something that would help the environment,”

His first customer lived in West University. Along with two helpers, he currently serves 25 clients in his territory, which includes 26 miles in and around Houston. He is proud to be the first of the Clean Air Lawn Care professionals in Houston.