About Clean Air Lawn Care Houston

Clean Air Lawn Care Houston - MooseClean Air Lawn Care Houston is the area’s leading sustainable and organic lawn care company. We provide full-service and environmentally-friendly lawn maintenance and treatment plans for both residential and commercial properties.

How Do We Offer Sustainable Lawn Care?

  1. We use clean, electric and biodiesel powered lawn care equipment that runs on renewable energy. Our electric equipment is charged by solar panels mounted on our trucks, reducing our net emissions to zero and letting us recharge our equipment even while we work.
  2. Our organic lawn care services include fertilization, weed control programs, and more that use only natural and organic materials that are proven to work. The lawns we maintain are healthy, safe and beautiful.
  3. We are committed to educating our customers and the public on sustainable lawn care and organic lawn care best practices.

Sustainable Lawn Care is Quiet Lawn Care

What about Clean Air Lawn Care Houston is so different? Because we use electric, our equipment is noticeably quiet. The Department of Interior’s Green Seal report estimates that electric lawn mowers cut noise emissions by 50-75%. This aspect is great for neighbors, commercial properties, napping children, and enjoying your day inside while we tend and care for your lawn.

Is Sustainable Lawn Care Really Expensive?

Through comprehensive research and an innovative business model, Clean Air Lawn Care Houston is able to offer our green-friendly and professional lawn care services at competitive rates. Rates vary by lawn size and locale.

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